Stone valley’s mission

Stone Valley’s Ray of Hope was born from an aching heart for the misfortunate equine who suffer from neglect, abandonment, and abuse. SVRH seeks to rescue horses that are in condemning situations such as kill pens, and homes that can no longer care for their animals. Kill pens are in America to try and prevent horses from being shipped to Mexico for slaughter. Rescuing a horse from a kill pen requires many different variables, and can become a very expensive project. Each horse is granted a bail price, this secures the horse will not be shipped. The horse is then transported to a quarantine facility where it is held for 30 days or more depending on the horses health condition. The quarantine ensures if horses have contagious illnesses they can be treated before being transported to the rescue, this prevents the spread of illness. Some times the rescue receives inquires to rescue horses that have been neglected, abused, or an owner simply has fallen on hard times.

The horses are then quarantined until they are cleared by a vet at the rescue. Depending on a horses level of training and condition, SVRH enters them into the program to give them the rehabilitation and training needed to ensure them the best chance at a forever home. When a horse graduates and is ready for their forever home, they are adopted with a small re-homing fee. An adopter must go through an application process and sign a contract stating that the adopter will not sell the horse to another buyer without first contacting the rescue. The contract also forbids the adopter from selling the horse to an auction or kill pen for any reason, if at any given point the adopter is no longer able to care for the horse they will return the horse to the rescue. It is our mission to find and save the horses that have met these unfortunate circumstance, and to remind, and show them the love and security they deserve.

Support Equine in Need

Stone Valley’s Ray of Hope is a non-profit organization who depends on the support from the global equine community. Every penny to every grain helps support the mission to find and rescue the equine who are up against circumstances beyond their control.

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