Sanctuary horses


Meet Sky! Sky was listed for sale as a stallion when founder Terra Hahnenberg saw him on Facebook Marketplace. The first pictures are of the condition he was in when she went to see him. Her heart was instantly broken. After Sky was rescued and seen by the local Vet. Sky could hardly stand due to being malnourished, and damage to his hooves from being trimmed unprofessionally for a long period of time as well as a previous founder. His teeth had been filed so much that they were mainly unusable. Sky was also diagnosed with cancer in one of his blue watch eye due to lack of protect from the UV rays. He was in rough shape and his will to live was becoming dim. After a long hard recovery Sky is now a happy pasture horse living out his life comfortably as a sanctuary horse in retirement at Stone Valley.

Rain (Thee Haleluja Kid)

Rain was one of the geldings that went through the Salem auction in September of 2020 with Rea. His papers did not come with him, but we did identify him as Thee Haleluja Kid the 23 year old Arabian registered to the same owner as Rea. He is blind in one eye, and his leg is defused. He was starved, neglected and has a fear of humans. He has made many improvements since we saved him, and will continue to reside here so his special needs can be cared for. #stonevalleysrain

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