Rehab/training horses

These are horses currently with SVRH and are either still be rehabbed from what they have gone through, or are in training so that they are adoptable to the perfect home. All of these horses would love to have sponsors while they are preparing for their new home. If you are interest in sponsoring please reach out to us. We have a great training center in Elizabethtown PA that we are working with Wishful Acres, who has done an amazing job working with some of our rescues, ensuring they are trained and ready for their new homes. They also help with adopting them to their forever homes.

Wishful Acres Training Center


Fire Starter is a 14 year old Arabian mare who was pulled from Bastrop Kill Pen in November of 2018. She is now healthy and happy and started in ground training. She is sweet, loving and willing to learn! #stonevalleysfire

Zorro ( Oreo)

This is why we do what we do, and step up for the ones who seem hopeless! This beautiful boys story is one we have not shared to much, as we have been waiting to see how things went with him! This is Zorro, ( or Oreo as he has been renamed 😂) At the end of March we were sent some photos of a direct ship 6 year old Pintabian gelding that wasn’t going to be posted. Well of course we couldn’t let that happen! We did quietly fundraise for some of his bail to get him safe. He has been hanging with Robin Grewe and her absolutely amazing farrier since she picked him up from the lot for us! Watch the two videos in the comments of when he was first picked up, and the one of today! He is the absolute reason why we say all horses deserve a chance! At first sight it had seemed the damage was to severe to correct, and at only 6 he had no hope, but given a chance and some amazing people helping him, and all it took was a Ray of Hope, a very smart farrier and some time and he is on his way to a great recovery from the damage done by the human who let him down ❤️ continue to follow his story! #stonevalleyszorro

Bea and Tito

Bea is a senior Arabian mare from Stroud and Tito is her best friend who was so bonded he was heart broken at the lot when they were separated. These two were in the direct ship pen at Stroud OK when they were seen by an amazing rescue angel. She got a video of them and with the help of the amazing rescue community we were able to get them saved and into quarantine. They still have a very long rehab ahead of them but are super sweet, love each other and are doing well in quarantine. These two would love a sponsor while they are in rehab. ( Tito has been adopted) #SVRHbea #SVRHtito

WF Venus

Venus was one of the mares that was pulled from Elkhart auction in March of 2021. She was one of 13 horses that were dumped there. We were able to home 11 of the 12 horses that we got, one had ended up with a kill buyer and sold the same day. We were able to track these horses, and found out how they ended up there. These horses were owned by Don and Diane Wyatt. Both owners had ended up in the hospital and one of the child was supposed to move these horses to their place, instead the son in law ran then through the auction. Don passed at the hospital and Diane was released but is still in poor health. Though we tried to get them to release the papers they were not willing to help us. Venus has finished quarantine and is now in MI ready to be evaluated. #stonevalleysvenus

Desert Wind (Cass)(RAJ SOORYAN)

Desert Wind (Cass) came out of Bastrop in July of 2020. He was posted on a different page, but we were able to track hum back to Bastrop and pull him off the truck. He was extremely sick. They had posted him as a stallion, but he was actually a gelding and had been for awhile. This boy seems to be very special and we are excited to get to know him. He is currently with a foster in TN. We got DNA back on him, he is RAJ SOORYAN. #SVRHCass

Rea (SBF Interrobang)

Rea was part of the herd of Arabians (8) that were dumped at the auction in Salem AR in September of 2020. We an amazing group effort we were able to save 3 Rea, Rain and Rowan, a private home saved 2 mares and Love this Horse rescue saved 2 geldings and a stallion. Rea is still rehabbing as she had no trust in humans. She is getting healthy, and beginning to trust. We will continue to work with her and show her love and human kindness. #stonevalleysrea


Cash is a 21 year old Clydesdale that we took as an owner surrender at the end of 2020. She was in pretty rough shape when she got here. She had mites on her back legs, she was very skinny. She is honestly the pickiest eater I have ever met. We went through 16 types of feed trying to find something she would eat. She also chooses grass hay over alfalfa. She will not eat her feed with any supplements or anything on it. She also had an infection in her utters that took months to get better. She has put on some weight, but still has a ways to go. Her legs are now better and her coat looks so much better. #stonevalleyscash

Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy came out of Bastrop as part of the herd of 41 in October 2018, but he actually was number 42. When the herd showed up at the lot this beautiful boy decided he was not ready to stop being a stallion, so he escaped from the pen and ended up in the herd with a bunch of mares and they couldn’t catch him. He showed up 3 weeks later as a direct ship gelding… Since we already had 3 coming up we couldn’t leave him behind, so we saved him also. When he arrived he was completely heartbreaking. Skinny and bones, covered in fungus, barely able to stand. Though he was supposed to be unhandled, due to his condition he actually was pretty easy to handle. We believe that at some point he was handled. Once he was feeling better he did go back to wanting to be a wild free boy. He attached himself to Jade and her colt. It has taken some time but he is now much easier to handle and will be going to training soon. #stonevalleysprettyboy #stonevalleyssonny


Rocky was pulled from Kaufman’s kill pen in August of 2020. His home was not able to take him after unforeseen circumstances. We agreed to take him in October of 2020. He ended up getting very sick, and it took some time to get him back to health. He has been recouping in AR and is awaiting a training. #SVRHRocky


Alex was loading on the truck, and was never even posted. We had a horrible video of him, and acted quickly to to get home off the truck. He has been recuperating in AR and hanging out with Rocky. #Stonevalleysalex


Willow was pulled out of the parking lot at the Cleburne TX auction parking lot in September of 2020. She is very gentle and sweet. She is started under saddle, but has some more progress to make. #stonevalleyswillow

Sunshine CH

Sunshine found herself in the hands of a dealer after being let down by her home. She had some pretty nasty injuries. We knew she needed out of there. So we acted quickly and got her into quarantine where she is rehabbing. #SVRHSunshine


Jax is a 9 year old Arabian gelding that was saved from the parking lot of the Cleburne TX auction while he was waiting to be loaded on the kill buyers trailer headed to Mexico. He was with 2 mares and a filly. We do not yet know if he is trained to ride but he is halter trained and sweet. #SVRHJax

Ash and Thunder

Ambers Blackjack

Blackjack is a registered gelding who was also from the NY seizure. He has been ridden. He will be heading to training soon to find out what he knows.

Moonlight Copper

Copper was the third gelding from the NY seizure. He is said to ride also, but they were not riding him in his previous home. He will be going to training soon also.

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