Rainbow Angels

These are horses who we saved, but unfortunately they gained their wings to early. These horses deserve to be remembered as well. We do all we can to help the horses that we take in, some that are saved, but are not able to pull through the trauma, sickness and devastation that they were exposed to. Many of these horses were let down by their humans, thrown away, but we will always love them even if we only knew them for a short time, they have forever touch our hearts and will never be forgotten.


This beautiful 27 year old stallion was in Rotz’s pen in October of 2020. He was saved by but the Arabian group and went to quarantine. He was starved, sick and sad. He stayed with Katie Clugh after his quarantine since there was no home and he really was not strong enough to travel. He knew he was safe, and after a couple months out of the pen he told us he was ready to go.

LA Hazeem

Hazeem was a beautiful registered gelding that found himself with his herd at the Stroud OK kill pen in March of 2021. We were able to contact the registered owner, as some had papers. She was heartbroken that her horses had entered up there, she had thought they were going to a good home where they could live out their life. We were able to save the whole herd, but did not have homes for two of the geldings. While in quarantine, Hazeem went down and was not able to get back up. Soon after that he passed… He knew his family was safe and was able to stop fighting the pain. His beauty will never be forgotten.

SA Sweet Sable

Sweet Sable was one of the 13 horses we pulled from Elkhart in March of 2021. We later found out that her owners loved their horses very much, but both got ill, one passed in the hospital and the other was still very fragile. While they were both in the hospital, the horses were supposed to be moved to one of the children’s homes, but instead they were dumped at the auction. The Amazing Arabian Feedlot and auction team stepped up and was able to raise the funds to pull all of them but one ( with a few glitches). The one we did not get ended up with a kill buyer but sold within hours. 3 others found homes and went directly there from the auction house. The remaining mares went to quarantine. We slowly found homes for them. Sweet Sables home had an accident and was no longer to take her. Shortly after the last mare was homed ( actually with us, WF Venus, Sable got sick and went to the vet, but after consulting with the vet, she was to old and fragile to pull through. Her herd was safe, and she was ready to fly in peace.

Adira, Akira and Aziza

These 3 beautiful Arabian mares were all in Rotz kill pen in PA. They were dropped off there together. The Arabian team stepped up and raised the funds to get them out. While in quarantine Akira and Aziza found a home with Morgan Roache. Unfortunately, all these girls got extremely sick and went to New Bolton hospital. Everything that could b done for them was, but Adira did not make it long, Akira passed a shortly after. Aziza seemed like she was pulling through, and she did make it home, she ended up letting go to run free with her family.


Sweet Hannah was saved from Bastrop in March of 2019. She was young but had heart issues. When ended up getting pneumonia and with her heart condition she was not able to pull through. This sweet girl now flies free with no pain.


Artax was born here in on April 15th 2019. His Dam was Jade from the herd of 41. He was deeply loved, and was growing into such an amazingly beautiful boy. He was overall healthy, and then he became sick as a 2 year old. He just had a snotty nose, and was seen by the vet a few times. Then after the last vet visit he found him in the pasture the next morning. This was a devastating loss, that was totally unexpected.

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